About XJU

About XJU

Xijing University is run by the central and local government. It offers postgraduate, undergraduate, vocational, and self-taught education. It is situated in a 1391-hectare campus in the south of Xi’an, with the building space of 610,000 square meters. Now it consists of more than 40 research institutes and 9 faculties, which are Fundamental section, Department of Engineering and Technology, Mechanical-electrical Engineering, Management, Economics, Human Sciences, Institute of Arts, Medical Care and Institute of Art and Science. It provides 2 programs for Master Degree, 27 for Bachelor’s Degree, 20for vocational education and 30 programs for self-taught education. Now there are more than 28,000 students in Xijing University. With the explicit aims and directions, Xijing University has become a comprehensive university featuring science and technology but also a civilized campus with great honors .

Today, Xijing University is equipped with abundant teaching facilities and experimental centers, such as, the NC Engineering Training Center, Construction Engineering Training center, Automobile Engineering Laboratory, Center of Logistics, Computer & Network, Data Collection, TV Station and etc. Among which the NC Engineering Training Center is regarded as a “Model Provincial Experimental Teaching Center”. The Construction Engineering Training Center is known as a “Key Provincial Laboratory of Vocational Education”. The library has been approved as “the Branch of State Digital Library”, which stores a collection of 2.25 million books (including electronic books), 5000 magazines.

Currently, there are more than 2000 faculty members, among which 700 teachers with master’s degree or above. Professors and associate professors account for 31% of the teaching staff. Now a lot of experts who receive subsidies from the State Council and professors honored with the title of “Teaching Expert’”in Shaanxi province act as leaders of each subject.

Xijing University commits itself to three obligations to society: to cultivate intellectuals, to research and to serve society. It consistently emphasizes closely combining its development with the national economy development and social needs, and manages its teaching goals, standard management and high education quality are its strong features. With a broad overview of today and the future, Xijing University has cultivated thousands of intellectuals with solid theoretical knowledge, excellent practical skills and great entrepreneur who are playing active roles in their fields. Through a variety of ways to train, practical, professional, innovative ability and social adaptability of application-oriented talents have been improved greatly.

Xijing University always adheres to the principles of “Strict Management, Strict Academic Research on teaching and learning”,With the establishment of a great variety of journals and Students Clubs, students can take part in different activities,which can help students broaden their eye sight and enrich their experiences.

In 2012, the evaluation report of China’s private colleges and its scientific research study on competitiveness shows that the competitiveness of scientific research in Xijing University has won the 1st place in private universities in Shaanxi Province, and the 5th one in national place. By the end of 2012, more than 70 longitudinal and 23 horizontal academic items 22 patents and 15 for patent licensing had been granted. 961 papers had been published, among which 870 papers are authoritative journals, 15 items are core periodicals, 76 belongs to three retrieval papers.

Today, Xijing University also commits itself to positively and actively promoting cooperation and exchanges with famous universities in the world. It consistently keeps in touch with famous universities from, America, England, France, Canada, Korea, Japan and Singapore. Currently, Xijing University has not only set up a Korean Language Education Center with the exchange of Paichai University, a mutual recognition of credits relationship, but also built up more than 30 Schools of Communication, partnerships with Singapore, France, the United States, Canada. Currently, it has established cooperative relations with Science & Technology Electronic Company in Singapore, Thompson University in Canada, Troy University in the United States, Pai Chai University, Se Myung University in Korea. So far, There are more than 10 foreign teachers from different countries and regions have been working here. Meanwhile, a lot of international cultural exchange events have been held here in order to broaden students’ eye sight and enrich their daily life.

With the rapid development in the past 20 years, Xijing University has got great achievements and it has been widely recognized by government and society. It has been awarded “The Advanced Unit in National Education Systems”, “The Peaceful Provincial Campus”, “The Advanced Party Committee” and so on. It is also reported by a number of central, local media, such as Guangming Daily, the People's Daily, the China Youth Daily, the China Education Daily and CCTV.

In the new age, with great initiative, Xijing University is accelerating the pace of reform and development, and strives to turn itself into an open and comprehensive high-level research and teaching-led university with unique features and make it of important influence in the world.

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